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Inaugurated in the year 1999, Meem transformers Pvt Ltd is the leading brand famous for manufacturing, supplying and exporting top-grade transformers in India. We are expertise in offering classified range of transformers to better suit the differentiated industrial frameworks. We are transformer provider in India as well as other countries spread across the subcontinent. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization present to serve for superior grade power transmission services. We have gained preeminent strength from well experienced and motivated team of qualified engineers to provide superior grade transformers in India and worldwide. Our highly efficient team of qualified engineers is well supported by healthy business attitude of the management having great belief in quality oriented products, client satisfaction, after sales service and global outlook. We are influential manufacturer and supplier of hi-tech transformers such as single phase power transformer, three phase power transformer, line communicating choke and many more. Our organization is highly involved in hard work, maintaining consumer satisfaction and achieving great success. We are highly committed towards customer satisfaction in pace with value addition for products and technological advancement of the product line.

Meem transformers Pvt Ltd takes pride in developing and offering highly efficient, cost-efficient, stable and convenient transformers to better suit the differentiated industrial and conventional requirements of valuable clients. It is great motivation, guidance and feedback of clients over the decade which has helped us to built great confidence in designing hi-tech control transformers, current transformers and line communicating chokes as per differentiated requirements. Our highly recommended transformers are the proof of the fact that we are superior in the market for offering the best grade transformers on a quantum scale.

Meem transformers Pvt Ltd was established with the prime aim for delivering premium quality products and services at the most competitive prices all across the globe. With this desire, we have targeted to focus and expand our production in the field of magnetic products and accessories, control transformers, three phase transformer, single phase control transformer, line communicating chokes, electric control transformer, A C drive line choke, AC DC line chokes, line reactor India and other related products to get the best integration and mileage to achieve the basic goal of the organization for supplying premium grade transformers at economical rates and in an assured time frame.

Let us first excavate the meaning and function of power transformers:-

Power transformers are devices that are utilized for alternating power from one circuit to one or more other circuits. They are used to transmit electrical energy in any component of the circuit between the distribution primary circuits and the generator. Power transformers are used to induce or reduce power transmission in a circuit. They are highly recommended for voltage fluctuations in distribution networks. An average transformer can last up to 30 years. These are classified in three types based on the power transmission such as single phase power transformer, three phase power transformer and line communicating chokes. The functioning of the power transformer depends on the faradays principle.


These are transformers that are utilized for electrical power transmission in single phase circuits. Single phase transformers work on the faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction. They mainly consist of primary and secondary windings put on a magnetic core. Here, energy is transferred from one circuit to one or more circuits via electromagnetic induction. Single-phase transformers are used for power distribution and voltage reduction for residential and commercial applications.


These transformers are utilized for electrical power transmission in three phase circuits. Three phase transformers also work on the principle of electromagnetic induction alike the single the single phase control transformer. These are fabricated with three sets of primary and secondary windings, each set wound around one leg of an iron core assembly. Three phase control transformers are utilized for power distribution and voltage reduction in large industrial and commercial applications.


These are electrical coils that work to block common-mode currents while passing differential, or equal but opposite, currents. Line communicating chokes also work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They provide specific functions and are utilized in a broad range of applications including: power generation, in order to protect power lines from electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) in automotive electronic engines.


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Benefits of using a power transformer for voltage fluctuations:

  • They are primary components for the transmission, distribution, and control of electrical energy.
  • Every transformer has simplified constructions and basic working principle.
  • Transformers have simple maintenance greater efficiency and great reliability.
  • They are advantageous in controlling and stabilizing the voltage transmission.
  • They play critical role in power distribution and power transmission
  • Transformers have made the economic delivery of electric power possible over long distances.
  • They do not need any startup time.
  • Transformers are highly efficient with less capital investment and low maintenance.
  • They provide isolation to the ground.
  • No moving parts are involved in the functioning of transformers.
  • Transformers are cheap and efficient method for voltage level transformation and isolation.

Salient features of power transformers by Meem transformer Pvt Ltd are as follows;-

  • These transformers are easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Bear high tensile strength to resist heavy workloads
  • Fabricated with superior grade raw materials highly wear resistant
  • Assure maximum term life
  • Require minimum support and maintenance cost after installation
  • Made with robust constructions and assure stable performances throughout their life span
  • These transformers offer optimum transformation of electricity
  • Cost efficient power transformers
  • Flexible in nature
  • Suitable to work in wet and dry conditions; remain unaffected

Why choose us your power transformer partner?

Meem transformers Pvt Ltd is supreme manufacturer, supplier and exporter of quality oriented transformers of classified grades in India. We nourish in the product quality and assured deliveries on time. We specifically design transformer as per client conveniences at reasonable prices. We are proficient in supplies of classy range of transformers throughout the nation and worldwide. Our superior grade transformers are recommended for heavy industrial and commercial purpose. We take pride in offering best grade transformers at mere economical rates and that’s what makes us supreme in the market. We are most trustworthy organization for offering quality transformers on wide scale. We provide 100% quality assurance for transformers manufactured at our venture. Our transformers are equipped with techno advanced features to ensure hassle free performances throughout their service life. You will get guaranteed transformers.

We never leave the chance to have complains for valuable customers. It’s the belief of the consumers which has led us to be superior in the market for power transformer services. Clients are highly satisfied by our produced transformers. Our efficient engineers are highly engaged with full ethics to bring the best possible features in transformers for you. Here, you will find unique solutions for having authenticated transformers that suits your profession. Our firm is widely famous as; A C Drive Line Choke Manufacturer, A C Drive Line Choke supplier, A C Drive Line Choke exporter, AC DC Line Chokes Manufacturer, AC DC Line Chokes supplier, AC DC Line Chokes exporter Gujarat, Line Reactor Manufacturer, Line Reactor supplier, Line Reactor exporter, Single Phase Control Transformer, Line Communicating Chokes Manufacturer, Single Phase Control Transformer Manufacturer ,Three Phase Control Transformer Manufacturer, Line Reactor manufacturers, and Line Reactor Gujarat.

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