Three Phase Control Transformers

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium grade three phase control transformer in India. We are expertise in offering classified range of three phase control transformer as per various industrial requirements. We never compromise in the quality standard for three phase control transformer. Three phase transformers are fabricated with superior grade raw materials. The raw materials involved safeguards the three phase transformer from wear-tear and corrosion. Our highly qualified experts have maintained stringent supervisions during the fabrication of three phase control transformer.

Our experts have maintained essential quality standards for the three phase control transformers. We have equipped modern technologies and equipments for intricating techno-advance features in the top-grade three phase control transformers. Three phase control transformers bear high tensile strength to efficiently resist heavy workloads. These three phase control transformers comprise heavy-duty structure.

Three Phase Transformer Manufacturer

Three phase transformers are typical equipments that are recommended for transferring voltages of electrical systems with three phases. The working principle of three phase transformer is same as the single phase control transformer that mutual induction is responsible between primary and secondary windings for the transformer operation in an electrical transformer. It is used for voltages of electrical systems with three phases. Three phase transformers are utilized in major high power industrial electrical transformation loads such as rectifiers, motor drives, and other equipment. These transformers are structured with three sets of primary and secondary windings, each set wound around one leg of an iron core assembly. Essentially, this transformer has core three set of windings.

Being three phase transformer manufacturer, we lead the market for offering best grade single phase, three phase control transformers and line communicating choke at best prices. We provide three phase transformers that are easy to install operate and maintain. With minimum support they nourish well. These transformers require minimum support and maintenance cost after installation. Our efficient engineers have intricated special designs for the three phase transformers so that they can easily fit the industrial framework without any hassles. Three Phase Control Transformer have long lasting service life and minimum support they can last for more than 30 years. Three Phase Control Transformers contribute to hassle free transformation of power into three phases. These transformers ensure safe and efficient electrical transformation. Three phase transformers bear great adaptability features are easy to carry out and flexible in nature. They are need minimum power consumption and are stable in wet & dry conditions; remain unaffected with diverse climate conditions. They bear heavy workable capacity and can work for longer hours.

Three Phase Transformer Supplier in Ahmedabad

We provide Three Phase Control Transformersat cost effective prices worldwide and can customize it into the required shapes and sizes as per the defined industrial requirements of clients. Our three phase control transformers are highly appreciated among clients. Meem transformers Pvt Ltd never leaves the chance of disappointment for valuable clients. We are widely famous as; three phase control transformer, three phase control transformer manufacturer, three phase control transformer exporter, three phase control transformer supplier, three phase control transformer India, three phase transformer, three phase transformer manufacturer, three phase transformer exporter, three phase transformer supplier, three phase transformer India, and three phase transformer ahmedabad.

Three Phase Transformer in India


Salient features of Three Phase Transformer:

  • Excellent voltage regulation
  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuations
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact size
  • Overload capacity
  • Low-noise

Applications of Three Phase Transformer :

  • Drive systems
  • Panels
  • Rectifier transformer
  • Industrial plants